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Ignition and combustion of pyrotechnics at low pressures and at temperature extremes
Clive Woodley, R. Claridge, N. Johnson, A. Jones
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A comparative study of combustible cartridge case materials
Wei-tao Yang, Jian-xing Yang, Yu-cheng Zhang, San-jiu Ying
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Enhanced propellant performance via environmentally friendly curable surface coating
Thelma Manning, Jeffrey Wyckoff, Kenneth Klingaman, Viral Panchal, Eugene Rozumov, John Bolognini, Ming Wang Young, Subhash Patel
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Impact-disrupted gunshot residue: A sub-micron analysis using a novel collection protocol
V. Spathis
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An approach for optimization of the wall thickness (weight) of a thick-walled cylinder under axially non-uniform internal service pressure distribution
Onur Güng?r
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Trajectory optimization of a deflectable nose missile
Zhi-yong Zhang, Qi-zhong Tang, Xiao-hui Sun, Zhi-hua Chen
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A statistical method for the evaluation of projectile dispersion
C.A. Rabbath, D. Corriveau
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Improved theory of projectile trajectory reference heights as characteristics of meteo-ballistic sensitivity functions
Vladimir Cech, Jiri Jevicky
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Validation of the NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel for use in small-arms fire control systems
D. Corriveau
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Effect of firing conditions & release height on terminal performance of submunitions and conditions for optimum height of release
L.K. Gite, A. Anandaraj, R.S. Deodhar, D.K. Joshi, K.M. Rajan
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Optimal design of the aerodynamic parameters for a supersonic two-dimensional guided artillery projectile
Ke Liang, Zheng Huang, Jing-min Zhang
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Experimental research on blast power of fiber reinforced anti-hard target warhead
Bin Liang, Jie-qun Zhou, Gao-peng Feng, Yong-gang Lu
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Measurement of the spatial specific impulse distribution due to buried high explosive charge detonation
V. Denefeld, N. Heider, A. Holzwarth
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