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The uncertainty propagation analysis of the projectile-barrel coupling problem
Lin-fang Qian, Guang-song Chen
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Preparation and study of ultrafine flake-aluminum with high reactivity
Lei Xiao, Jie Liu, Gazi Hao, Xiang Ke, Teng Chen, Han Gao, Yuan-bo Rong, Cheng-su Jin, Jing-lin Li, Wei Jiang
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Studies on composite solid propellant with tri-modal ammonium perchlorate containing an ultrafine fraction
K.V. Suresh Babu, P. Kanaka Raju, C.R. Thomas, A. Syed Hamed, K.N. Ninan
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Study on the effect of RDX content on the properties of nitramine propellant
Fen ZHANG, Deng-pan ZHU, Qiong LIU, Zhi-tao LIU, Ping DU
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Simulation of two-dimensional interior ballistics model of solid propellant electrothermal-chemical launch with discharge rod plasma generator
Yan-jie Ni, Yong Jin, Niankai Cheng, Chun-xia Yang, Hai-yuan Li, Bao-ming Li
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The influence of nozzle diameters on the interaction characteristic of combustion-gas jets and liquid
Xiao-chun Xue, Yong-gang Yu, Jin-ming Xie
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Electrostaticspray preparation and properties of RDX/DOS composites
Jian Yao, Jian Liu, Yong-xu Wang, Bin Li, Li-feng Xie
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Projected area and drag coefficient of high velocity irregular fragments that rotate or tumble
John F. Moxnes, ?yvind Fr?yland, Ivar J. ?ye, Tom I. Brate, Eva Friis, Gard ?deg?rdstuen, Tallak H. Risdal
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Experimental study on the penetration effect of ceramics composite projectile on ceramic / A3 steel compound targets
Di-qi Hu, Jian-ruWang, Li-kui Yin, Zhi-gang Chen, Rong-cheng Yi, Cheng-hua Lu
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Measurement of bullet impact conditions using automated in-flight photography system
Ryan Decker, Marco Duca, Shawn Spickert-Fulton
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Study on the performance of ceramic composite projectile penetrating into ceramic composite target
Rong-cheng Yi, Li-kui Yin, Jian-ru Wang, Zhi-gang Chen, Di-qi Hu
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Fragmentation model for large L/D (Length over Diameter) explosive fragmentation warheads
Vladimir M. Gold
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Influence of the embedded structure on the EFP formation of compact terminal sensitive projectile
Bo-yang Xing, Rong-zhong Liu, Rui Guo, Liang Chen, Hao Zhou, Yong-liang Yang, Lei Liu
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Dispersion sensitivity analysis & consistency improvement of APFSDS
Sangeeta Sharma Panda, L.K. Gite, A. Anandaraj, R.S. Deodhar, D.K. Joshi, K.M. Rajan
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